Monday, 6 November 2017

How to build and import Android Project to Android Studio in One day?

     So I've spent eventually a couple of days on making things work for my new self done tutorial project on Android - yes, even after I spent 3 years coding my app, I still lost the focus while creating a new project and - eventually getting hand in hand with the cherry pick of my conclusions, which included going through typical "bundle not found" locales problem, mis-imported Android project to Android Studio and a long waiting time for building info files for newly imported Android project inside the very first screen at all on Android studio.... and of course another last one which I should've not mentioned, a corrupted Gradle Android project directory which I just simply could not properly supply and thus why it was not corrupted.

The root cause of all my evil was not the last one, but instead the long waiting time for Android studio to load my project - which as I found I was doing in the correct way and properly, but simply were trying to keep reaching the wrong doors while trying to go thought this problem.

Why Android project loading is not working at the national institute nowadays?

So as I found out, it's simply a matter of offline loading for projects that required to be opened for Android, since due to have usage of the internet outside the home doors, you have probably a very small ping or not at all and when it comes to loading lots of multiple files libraries on the fly - which happens thhhaaaat fast at home, it almost doesn't happen on Technion open air homedoors internet cables. 

Thank you very much for your time, 

Please uncheck this checkbox 

(YES un-check it, cause you'll need it -- Android has lots of incoming stuff to show you while your are importing new project mostly)

Arrive home and connect your computer to a normal Internet connection.

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